Your Book Audience – Choosing Your Reader

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choosing your reader & target book audienceOne of the most important aspects of publishing a book is understanding your book audience and choosing your reader. If you are a consultant, accountant, or lawyer, for instance, you are writing not only for prospective clients, but also for those who are long established. Your book will be beneficial in many ways, but it will be especially helpful in referrals.

Imagine the conversation between two friends at a BBQ. One is explaining a recent problem and the need to seek proficient legal counsel because they “really need someone who knows the law.” The other friend is sympathetic and listens and nods approvingly when suddenly they remember and share, “You should call my lawyer. He knows everything – he even wrote a book!”

Publishing a book brings instant credibility and authority – regardless of whether your client read what you wrote (or had ghostwritten).

You may be asking how pulling together a book is possible for an educated professional, like a lawyer. Maybe you’re wondering how to deliver adequate technical detail, jargon, and legal codes for a law book.

However in both instances the answer is simple, the book is written for your book audience, someone who doesn’t have your knowledge and isn’t looking for specifics. They want to know the story!

And, at Publish Promptly, telling stories, your story, is what we do best.


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