What Makes a Good Book?

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Dog Reading BooksIf you’re considering writing an e-book, you may be wondering what makes a good book.  How will you know if you have a book you can put on your website that will increase your credibility with clients?

Several elements make a good book.  One of the most important is subject matter.  Is your proposed topic of interest to your current or future clients?  Does it answer an important question?  Since you are the expert in your field, you know what topics are being discussed at the moment.  You also know what sorts of questions clients have about your field, year in and year out.

Once you have chosen a relevant topic, you need to decide who is going to write your book.  Hiring a service like Best Book Writer can be a great choice for a business owner too busy with clients and actually running the business to sit down and write everything necessary.  Not everyone is as good as writing as they are at explaining in person.  Sometimes though you just need a little help and that’s where PublishPromptly.com comes in. We know what makes a good book.  After an engaging subject, you need good writing.  The writing in a non fiction book should be clear and vivid.  If it’s necessary to use technical language, it has to be clearly defined in ways that non experts can understand.  Our writers are all experts at writing, editing and researching.  We may not be experts in your field, but we can quickly find and understand the important terms and theories that relate to your topic.  We can then explain your topic clearly, with well-organized and logical chapters, adding clarity to your submitted manuscript.

What makes a good book?  The combination of an engaging subject, clear writing, and logical organization.  At PublishPromptly.com, we’re experts in the writing process.  We’d be happy to help you bring your book idea to completion in “your voice”.

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