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Books come in all shapes and sizes and Best Book Writer can make an educated guess at what format will work for you once we know more about you. We produce e-Books and paperback books to provide you with a one stop source in your writing and publication efforts. Most of our clients start with an e-Book or blog and move to paperback publication.

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Curious about how we make it happen?

We collect your information and evaluate it, providing transitions and engaging resources as needed to convert your posts into book pages. Some call us magicians, but we refer to ourselves as editors and you’ll be glad we do.

What Makes a Good Book?

What Makes a Good Book?

If you’re considering writing an e-book, you may be wondering what makes a good book.  How will you know if you have a book you can put on your website that will increase your credibility with clients? Several...

Your Book Audience – Choosing Your Reader

Your Book Audience – Choosing Your...

One of the most important aspects of publishing a book is understanding your book audience and choosing your reader. If you are a consultant, accountant, or lawyer, for instance, you are writing not only...

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